About Us

Henry's House was founded in Spring 2021 with a mission to provide a safe haven for neglected, abandoned, or unwanted senior (7+) and special needs small breed dogs.

We strive to provide the best care for all dogs that find their way to Henry's House until a forever home is found. Henry's House understands the joys grey muzzled dogs can bring to a home and hope to share their love throughout our community.

Additionally, through Henry's House we hope to reduce the number of abandoned senior animals through proper education of spay/neuter practices and proactive outreach.


Henry's Legacy

Henry was the love of Shea, our founder's, life. She was dedicated to him and would have given anything to have had more time with him, but what time she did have with him she wouldn't trade for the world.

Henry made his way to Reno Tahoe Rescue Society after spending the first nine years of his life with a backyard breeder/puppy mill. It is there that he was cruelly and inhumanely debarked in their home. This resulted in damage and secondary complications in four pound Henry. Scar tissue built, blocking Henry's airways overtime. Henry was unable to properly oxygenate, regulate his temperature, and had severe neurological deficits due to the suspected lack of oxygen.

Despite his special needs, Henry was a firecracker. He loved to "talk back" in his raspy little bark and throw tantrums anytime he didn't get his way. He loved all dogs, but especially the ladies.

He was everything to Shea. And we can only hope that we will do great things in his honor.

Our Team